Many internet websites that sell mobile phones offer free gifts with mobile phone contracts. Some sites that offer free gifts with phones are:,,,, The majority of free gifts are electronic devices but there are some options for cash back. Gift packages can include televisions, gaming consoles, handheld gaming devices, electronic reading devices, laptops, tablets, and mp3 players.

There are benefits to getting your desired electronic device as a free gift with a mobile phone as opposed to buying it by itself. One benefit is that it spreads out the payment of the gift with your monthly mobile contract payment; this can be especially helpful for the expensive items like televisions and game systems. The greatest benefit is that you can end up paying a lot less for your gift with a phone contract than you would if you bought it alone. However, it is also possible to end up paying much more for the gift so you should carefully select your phone and contract if you want to get the best deal.

What’s the Catch?
It is important to remember that the free gifts that these websites are offering are not actually free. You are paying for the gift with each monthly payment over the life of the mobile contract. There are a few things you can do to make sure that you get a good deal. The first thing you can do is check the price of the mobile phone contract with the free gift and compare it to the price of a basic contract without any gifts for the same phone. This will tell you exactly how much you will be paying for the gift and you can compare this to standard prices for the gift to see if the contract is worth it.

Things to watch out for
Another thing to check is the length of the contract. You will make less payments with a 12-month contract than you would with a 24-month, but the monthly payment might be much greater for a 12-month contract and you would end up paying more anyways. It is important to compare the different monthly contracts for the phone and gift that you want to find the contract that gives you the best deal.

The phone you want can also affect the price of the gift. Expensive phones like iPhones and other smart phones cost a lot of money and they can bump up the price of the contract, thus causing you to pay more for the gift than you would if you got a cheaper mobile phone. To find the best deal on the gift you want you should compare different mobile phones.

The final thing to remember before getting your mobile phone and free gift is that you are not just getting the gift. You are also getting a phone that you will have to stick with for the duration of the contract. Search the websites and use the advice above to find a phone and contract that best suits your mobile phone needs while also giving you a good deal on your free gift.